3 thoughts on “Summer Crisis Continues

  1. Do you have any funding to help with rent I owe 1,200 on rent to get all to where it needs to be I lost my job an I’m looking for a new job it’s hard to find where I live Racine Ohio. My name is Amy stobart. #740 677-3278 thank you an gob bless you hope you can put me where I could fine some help any help would be a blessing

  2. At this time we are taking applications, You can pick up one up at our Meigs office located in Middleport and then drop off at the drop box at the same office. We are waiting on our funding and as soon as we receive it we will be processing applications. Make sure that we have a working phone number so we can contact you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 740-367-7341.

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