Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for Gallia-Meigs Community Action Agency is a “tri-partite” board meaning it is composed of three areas of the communities from each of the counties served. The GMCAA Board is composed of eighteen (18) members, nine (9) from Gallia County and nine (9) from Meigs County. Each member is selected to represent one of the three (3) sectors of the community: public sector, private sector and low-income sector. This structure is designed to include “maximum feasible participation” of the community and was intended to allow local control of programming as defined at the creation of community actions in 1964.

2023 Gallia-Meigs Community Action Agency Board Officers

President: Tony Gallagher
Vice President: Charles Cohara
Secretary: Kelly Velazquez
Treasurer: Tina Rees

Meigs County Representatives

Public Sector
Zachary Manuel
Perry Varnadoe
Jimmy Will

Private Sector
Tina Rees
Kelly Velazquez
Susan White

Low-income Sector
Charles Cohara
Chelsey Kloes
Lenora Leifheit

Gallia County Representatives

Public Sector
Leslie Henry
David Smith
Jay Stapleton

Private Sector
Deb Rhodes
Brent Saunders
Tom Sutton

Low-income Sector
Megan Adkins
Jerry Casto
Tony Gallagher