2020 Census Complete Count!

It is important that you and all those in your household be counted in the 2020 Census! Why you ask? Please consider the following reasons:

  1. Funding is a big reason. The amount of federal monies received by Ohio is directly affected by the Census counts. This means funding for schools, hospitals, roads and human services programming is dependent upon obtaining a complete count.
  2. Fair representation is also an important reason. The Census determines how many U.S. Representatives that Ohio will have over the next 10 years.
  3. Another reason is quality of life. Businesses use data collected from the Census to decide where to build facilities that offer employment opportunities and local governments use the data for public safety and emergency preparedness.

Your information will not be shared with other agencies. Federal law does not allow the Census Bureau to share private information with anyone. Your answers can only be used to produce statistical data.
Do your part and be counted!

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